Dream Big

Lets talk about dreams. Now, I am not talking about those things that you have during the night that only seem to start getting good right before your alarm clock goes off. No, I am referring to those God-given passions of the heart that drive you to pursue something greater. We all had them at […]

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An Elevator Ride

“Have you ever been in an elevator, just minding your own elevator-riding business…”0

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My Sunday School Experience

Growing up I remember my family attending church about twice ever. I feel that it is safe to say that I did not have a strong foundation to build my understanding of the faith that I entered into as a young adult. I can remember, brand new Christian me, so intimidated by the people around […]

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Resonate Welcomes New Directors

Please join us in welcoming Derek Laffoon and Jessica Drogowski to Covenant Cedars Bible Camp. Derek and Jessica have joined the cedars team as the new co-directors of the Resonate Discipleship experience and they are excited to be preparing for our next year of resonate (which will begin in the fall of 2018!). Derek and […]

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Discipleship is this easy…

The following excerpt from “Daily Discipleship” by LeRoy Eims highlights how easy it is to make disciples. May it be a GREAT reminder to you … Life Examples Today’s Scripture: 2 Kings 9-12 Read it online:  NIV  ESV  KJV  The Message For this reason I am sending to you Timothy, my son whom I love, […]

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